Covert Farm Ops: Intelligence & Information

When your name is Covert and you live on a farm, it opens the door to have a little fun with the traditional wine club. Soon you’re recruiting agents, working with a handler, and creating missions.

Covert Farm Ops is designed for wine lovers (ahem, agents) who enjoy wine and want to have a good time doing it. Whether you’re game to engage in spy-speak or want to sit back and let the wine – and benefits – roll in, we’re here to handle the details so you don’t have to.

Apply for a mission

Your mission is about more than wine. It’s access to new releases and tickets to events before anyone else, special pricing on everything at the winery (or online), library wine deals, and upgraded tastings. Your mission is like a key, unlocking a hidden panel and revealing all kinds of benefits that go well beyond 6 bottle shipments.

Agent Orientation

After you apply, we’ll send you a welcome dossier with all the details about your mission and what to expect from us. Your handler will take it from here.

Mission Details

Each mission includes 6 bottles of wine delivered 4 times per year, plus agent benefits:

  • Leaked documents on new releases and events. Agents have first dibs at new wines before they’re released, priority status for events, and special agent pricing.
  • “Eyes only” level clearance. You’re the only one with access to library wines.
  • Agent discount of 15% on all winery purchases. Whether you’re at the Farm or remotely purchasing from our online shop, your discount always applies.
  • Covert mission Join us for a complimentary Hands-on Harvest tour for two ($165.00 value) the next time you find yourself at headquarters (a.k.a the winery).
  • Convert an asset, get a mission bonus. We send you a little something special when you recommend a friend and they join Covert Farm Ops. Recruit away.

Apply now. Your handler is waiting.